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-I have been bragging at my office about Fenwick’s wonderful Re-Fi services. You managed to get me an excellent interest rate and really a great product. Thanks a million to all of the great Fenwick Mortgage "A Team"! Both Mrs. Baker and I are extremely grateful to each and all of you! Warren Baker, Westport

-Mr. Bulgini is professional, knowledgeable and responsive. He has an exceptional team backing him up. J. Rimkute, New Canaan

-Wendy was very helpful and always available to answer questions. The weekly emails were great! I have already recommended Fenwick to others and have gotten great feedback. Beth London, Newington

-We felt the Fenwick Mortgage staff were very knowledgable, friendly and personable. All of the staff at Fenwick were so helpful and always available. Fenwick, by far, has been the most satisfying company we have dealt with, in regards to professionalism, putting the customer first. Kevin & Kirsta MacLellan, Madison

-It’s nice to know that we got as good a rate as I imagine we’ll ever get and that because of your efforts we were able to convert our 30-year mortgage to a 25 for, in essence, the same monthly payment. Jeff Mayfield, Stamford

-Talking to friends, everyone always complains about the mortgage process, the nightmares of closing with banks, etc. With you guys the experience was so stress-free my white hairs are turning black again! Thank you! Daniel Farray, Deep River

-Wendy once again did a super job - very efficient and communicative. Thank you so much! Kathy Bonn, East Haven

-It was very nice that the lawyer came to our home at five o’clock at night. No need to change our work schedules! Cindy & Mark Konney, Niantic

-Bernadette has a special manner in dealing with her customers that alleviates much anxiety. Taking the time to explain everything thoroughly was extremely helpful. Any question we had, she answered professionally and promptly. Bernadette’s handling of our loan request was exceptional. I’d recommend her to anyone! Evelyne Haldimann, N. Branford

-The entire process was handled in a friendly professional manner from start to finish. Thomas Cooke, Wilton

-I recommend Fenwick to my clients because I feel secure that they are highly competent and will do the best they can to bring about a positive result. From my experience, Fenwick can be counted on to provide the most attractive options, follow through on the necessary steps at the bank and keep us all informed as the process unfolds. Barbara Cleary, Barbara Cleary’s Realty Guild, New Canaan

-Just keep up the great work, you scored exceptional in my books!!  Rashni Patel, Farmington

-Our law firm has over 40 years of residential and commercial real estate experience. Paramount in our practice is the demand for excellence, client responsiveness and ability to close the most complex of transactions. Fenwick Mortgage, time and time again, prove themselves a quality partner in each transaction: reliable in all aspects of deal structuring, financing and banking integration. The Fenwick staff have the unique ability to implement a creative approach to each deal with a constant focus on the needs and goals of the individual client. It has been and continues to be a sincere pleasure working with Fenwick Mortgage.   The Law Offices of Burt M. Hoffman, LLC Stamford

-Fenwick has a nice way to do it. I tried others and yours is much better. Doing it with Fenwick allowed me to communicate with real people. Service was flawless. Francisco Rivero, Darien

-I want to thank you for the great service you provided on my recent refinance. You and your team were very efficient and effective. I also appreciate that you actually took the time to come to the closing. That was definitely a first for me. Thanks again and I’ll be sure to tell friends about the good experience I had with you and your company.  Michael Ian, Fairfield, CT

-I would like to thank you both and your entire staff for your professionalism, patience and kindness in helping us to secure our new mortgage. I would certainly be happy to recommend you to anyone I encounter that is seeking mortgage assistance. Dick Krafcik, Hamden, CT

-Having recently re-located to CT from another state, our real estate agent wisely steered us in the direction of Fenwick Mortgage to obtain our loan. Clearly, this was a benefit to us. Every aspect of the process was handled efficiently, in a timely manner, and with extreme professionalism. Added to the professionalism displayed by both Bernadette and Wendy, the bonus of their insight concerning the area and what it has to offer made our entire transition a most pleasurable experience. Thank you and our hats are off to Fenwick Mortgage and its staff!  Fran & Maureen Provost, Canterbury, CT

-I wanted to thank you both one final time. Both of my loans closed and I could not be more satisfied and impressed with your service. You both are truly excellent to work with; knowledgeable, attentive, caring and genuinely nice people. Those qualities are important in any level of service based businesses, butespecially those where the transactions have significant financial effects on people’s lives for many years. I think the biggest thank you I can and will give, will be my continued ringing endorsement of your service. I will strongly recommend Fenwick Mortgage to anyone I run across looking to buy or refinance a home. David Kinsley, New Canaan, CT

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